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Factual Entertainment

Big Zuu's Big Eats 

(Big Narstie Episode)


Additional Editor

Boom / Dave 


Series Producer: Alex Gilman

Director: Chris Faith

Social Media Campaign portraying the real-life moments of fertility and IVF bloggers, using a carefully crafted mix of storytelling and comedic reenactments with actors.

Editor - On Location & Fine Cut


Renaissance Vodka




Renaissance Drinks

Behind Closed Doors:

The Real Downton Abbey




Footballers Behind Bars


Assembly Editor

Sky / Popkorn 


Producer: Rory Wheeler

Director: John Joe Bardsley

Sea Patrol UK


Assembly Editor

Five / Nat Geo / Wall To Wall


Producers: Guy Davies, Patricia O’leary

Directors: Ralph Perring, David Howard, Joe Hart

Urban Legends


Assembly Editor

A & E / Cineflix


Producers: Andy Scott, Peter Jamieson

Director: Luke Campbell

The Real Hustle

Series 1


Assembly Editor

BBC 3 / Objective Productions

Producers: Matt Crook, Anthony Owen, Andrew O’Connor, Andy Scott

How To Look Good Naked

Series 1


Post Technical Supervisor / Playback Editor

Channel 4 / Maverick Productions


Producers: Colette Foster, Sarah Mulvey

Directors: Jenny Feilich, Adeline Ramage, Lucy Taylor

The Last Word


VT Editor

More 4 / Objective Productions


Producers: Andrew O'Connor, Phil Clarke, Ben Farrell, Peter Swain, Jack Cheshire

Favouritism: Johnny Vaughan’s Star Scandals

Assistant Editor

Channel 4 / Worlds End Television


Producers: Gregor Cameron, Rob Baker

Director: James Griffiths

Favouritism: Boy George’s Queerest TV Moments


Assistant Editor

Channel 4 / Worlds End Television

Producers: Gregor Cameron, Alice Barnett

Director: James Griffiths

Blitz Street


Location Data Wrangler

Channel 4 / Nat Geo / Impossible Pictures


Producers: Paul Wooding, Tim Haines

Directors: Brendan Hughes, Mike Wadding

IKEA Kitchen Squad



Location Data Wrangler

Monkey Kingdom

Ferring Fertility - Online Content

Director: Vadim Jean

Viking Cruises 

Director: Vadim Jean

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